Axie Infinity Figured out how to Boost User Activity by 20%

Axie Infinity Figured out how to Boost User Activity by 20%

Axie Infinity: Developers of the blockchain game have created a $400,000 fund to pay in-game content creators. The aim is to increase user activity.

The number of wallets interacting with blockchain game Axie Infinity has skyrocketed by 20%. This was noticed in DappRadar.

Analysts believe that developers have increased activity due to a new support program for in-game content creators with a capital of $400,000.

All users who generate a unique experience of interacting with the game can get into the program. For example, developers evaluate applications according to the following criteria:

• Culture, purpose and way of thinking.

• The fun of the gameplay.

•Engineering evaluation of the feasibility of the project.

•Impact on the gaming community and the economy of Axie Infinity.

The minimum sponsorship capital is $5,000. And it looks like the Axie Infinity developers’ initiative has paid off in the short term. DappRadar noticed that the game’s decentralized crypto exchange called Katana recorded an increase in swap volume by almost 40%.


Axie Infinity: Ways to earn

At the same time, AXS-WETH and SLP-WETH remain the most popular trading pairs, as players continue to earn and use SLP in the game, and AXS tokens are required to participate in the management of the project.

The developers also announced the launch of a new in-game feature that will allow you to destroy characters in exchange for exclusive lands, cosmetic items, and more. However, how exactly the innovation will affect the in-game economy remains unclear.

Multiple journalists recently reported that Axie Infinity is turning into a financial pyramid. For example, the entry cost to participate in the game has reached $1000. This threshold is high for many market participants, which has led to the emergence of intermediary services.

Axie infinity

The developers acknowledged that the development of the game depends on the influx of new players. To solve the situation, the company promised to introduce new features. However, whether the size of the entry threshold for participation in the game will change remains unknown.

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