Cardano-Based Decentralized Exchange SundaeSwap Off to Rocky Start

The congestion on the Cardano network is understandably frustrating, but also evidence of the network working as intended to live up to its mission of stability and economic fairness. The network didn’t crash, the security didn’t decrease, and it didn’t create exploitive fees for the end user. Instead, it is creating queues at various breakpoints throughout the system so that it can soak up and process as many orders as possible.

There were also some unanticipated issues with wallets, which we’re sure the developers at Nami, Blockfrost and ccVault are working diligently to resolve. We’ve been in contact with both Nami and ccVault to offer any support we can. It’s important to understand that we’ve seen no evidence of anyone’s funds being actually lost.

Finally, the DEX operates with a notion of slippage tolerance / acceptable price. Much like Uniswap or a classical exchange, the DEX is unable to execute an order outside of this price range in order to protect users funds. With each order moving the price, these orders would be outside the slippage tolerance regardless of how fast orders are processed.

We’re working diligently to investigate issues people are having, coordinating closely with the wallet developers to strategize around solutions and ultimately are very excited about the performance improvements coming to Cardano later this year.

From: this is Pi the Chief Information Officer at SundaeSwap

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