Minting of Mavatrix, first NFT collection on BSC is complete

Mavatrix, the first reward-based NFT collection on Binance Smart Chain, has concluded the minting of its first collection of NFTs as of January 28th, CoinJournal learned from a press release.

Mavatrix is an international team made up of veterans from the gaming and fintech industries, who are on a mission to bridge the gap between NFT and video game fans.  

8,799 unique, original NFT

Launched at the end of last year, the collection included 8,799 unique ‘Mavatars’, original NFT characters in the exotic chibi art style. Private and public investors have bought all of them in a presale.

Mavatrix’s founder Giulio Gagliano, an entrepreneur and blockchain advisor, commented the achievement:

I would like to thank everyone who joined early into Mavatrix’s journey. Having successfully sold-out almost nine thousand unique NFTs in just a little over a month, we are now certain about the ability of Mavatrix to project confidence in its investors.

Holders of the NFTs will also take part in a reward pool the project generated to collect royalties coming from trade with MVV, their native token, which is based on the standard BEP20 and was launched on PancakeSwap on February 2nd.

Intuitiveness and rewards

Using their crypto wallet, holders will soon be able to access a special section of Mavatrix’s website, displaying their NFTs and details around them.

Owners of the unique NFT collection can begin to claim their cumulative rewards starting from March 1st this year. They can make claims every 24 hours after that.

Next steps for Mavatrix

Mavatrix is developing its first play-to-earn game at the moment, which Gagliano described as a community-driven, interactive Gacha game hub, which will let users enjoy mini games via the blockchain and NFT technologies. They will also be able to battle while earning tokens.

Mavatrix is developing alongside its community. The game project welcomes potential stakeholders to join the debates on their Discord server.

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