Multichain Says One Hacker Returned Over $800K

Multichain Hack Worsens as Loss of Funds Reaches $3M: Report

Cross-chain protocol Multichain tweeted on Thursday that one whitehat hacker returned 259 ether, worth $813,000.

  • Multichain said that three hackers stole a total of 602 ether ($1.9 million). CTO of crypto wallet ZenGo Tal Be’ery told CoinDesk that one attacker stole at least 450 ether, and that the total funds stolen were around $3 million.
  • The hacker who returned the funds kept $150,000, Be’ery said. The CTO found that other than the two main hackers, there were also some smaller players who exploited the vulnerability.
  • The protocol, which was formerly known as Anyswap, told users on Monday to remove approvals for six tokens to protect their funds from a security vulnerability.
  • Hackers were able to exploit the vulnerability and steal over $3 million in cryptos, according to a report.

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