Podcasting Legends Joe Rogan And Adam Curry Discuss Crypto And The Metaverse

Podcasting Legends Joe Rogan And Adam Curry Discuss Crypto And The Metaverse

Is Joe Rogan close to becoming a Bitcoiner? The biggest podcaster in the world received podcasting pioneer Adam Curry and at one point, the conversation turned to Bitcoin and crypto. In retrospect, it was inevitable. Even though Joe Rogan had Andreas Antonopoulos as a guest a couple of times back in the day, he seems clueless about it all. 

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That’s perfectly fine, though. As one of the Internet’s main success stories, Rogan doesn’t need Bitcoin. His audience, on the other hand… Luckily, Adam Curry was there to help. The new project from the man many call the Podfather is promoting the Value 4 Value model and what he’s deemed Podcasting 2.0. The idea is that a new generation of podcast will be “set up to receive Bitcoin payments in real-time over the Lightning network using compatible Podcasting 2.0 apps.”

Recently our sister site NewsBTC, as part of their “Lightning Speed” series, discussed the Podcasting 2.0 phenomenon

“You already know this, the Lightning Network allows for micropayments that are almost free. Anyone can use it, and it’s approaching mass adoption by the minute. “Not only can creators now plug into an open monetization platform with hundreds of millions of users, they can even access a new type of monetization that was never before possible.” Those new types are, “real-time payment streaming, micro-tipping, and other monetization strategies that simply aren’t possible on fiat payment rails.”

In any case, what did Joe Rogan and Adam Curry discuss in their recent conversation?

Joe Rogan Learns The Difference Between Bitcoin And Ethereum

Adam Curry introduces his Podcasting 2.0 idea by saying that a lot of young people are “opting out” of the current system and “building parallel networks.” That’s what the Value 4 Value model permits, a direct-to-consumer approach that doesn’t need an intermediary and bypasses the advertising and sponsorships model that’s prevalent today. This is all thanks to the Lightning Network. 

It makes sense for Adam Curry to be a Bitcoin maximalist. “I’m just on the Bitcoin train because I believe that my money is safer there,” he says as a way to assure that he’s not against the US dollar. What is he against, then? “The money system is broken,” Curry believes. It’s expensive and inefficient; it finances wars and needs armies to protect it. And then, on top of it,  there’s the banking system. Another artifact of old that’s doing more harm than good.

Then, it’s Joe Rogan’s turn. He has “a lot of hope for cryptocurrencies.” He thinks that they’ll be the future of the world or they’re going to go to zero, those are the two options. “Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be the ones who people who are in the know talk about the most,” Joe Rogan says.

Adam Curry interrupts and lets him know. “The difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that in Bitcoin, there will only be 21 million. It can’t be changed. It can’t be inflated. You can’t say the same about Ethereum.”

“Oh,” Joe Rogan says.

BTC price chart for 01/11/2021 on Gemini | Source: BTC/USD on TradingView.com

Is Humanity’s Future In The Metaverse?

The Metaverse portion of the conversation starts with a revelation. Brian Cox from “Succession” will commercialize an NFT. Adam Curry can’t give more details, but wow. Joe Rogan shows him a Beeple piece he owns and defends NFTs from Curry’s jokes. Adam thinks Non-Fungible Tokens materialize Klaus Schwab’s dream of “You will own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

Curry doesn’t seem to like NFTs, but he gives them this. “In the dream of the metaverse, the Silicon Valley controlled metaverse, NFTs are going to be very-very important.” Then, he gives Ethereum some flowers. “The Ethereum crowd is building a more decentralized metaverse.”

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After that, Joe Rogan fantasizes about big companies creating private coins that act as stock of sorts. Curry stops him and tells him Facebook tried that and the governments wouldn’t allow it. “That’s not the plan. The plan is the Central Bank Digital Currency. You will have crypto. You will have a digital wallet. It will be directly from the Federal Reserve to you,” Adam Curry says. Then, they’ll have total control. However, Bitcoin fixes this.

The clip ends by describing the metaverse depicted in Neal Stephenson’s “Snowcrash,” the transhumanist dream, and Elon’s supposed brain chip. It was a much longer conversation, what else did they talk about? That’s out of our wheelhouse. Go to Spotify and find out, if you feel so inclined.

Featured Image: Joe Rogan screenshot from this video | Charts by TradingView

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