The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 17 – How Gary Vee Joined The Goat Soup Gang

Andy talking to Gary Vee

Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: Don’t call it a comeback! Gary Vee returns to our beloved show. The motivational speaker and Internet superstar buys an NFT from Andy’s Goat Soup collection and all hell breaks loose. At least for a few days. That’s later on in the episode, however. We also have the story of Milonakis’ cut-throat rivalry with an NFT collection that won’t stop spamming him.

Before that, speaking of motivational speaking, Andy has something to say to Goat Soup holders. He will deliver. This is not another NFT collection, this is his life now. And he will bring utility and collaborations with other projects, like he’s been doing from day one. “I can’t sleep at night if I’m letting it just sit there,” Milonakis says as the world nods.

The Superlative Apes Saga Begins

The Superlative Apes is a derivative hybrid collection that mixes three successful collections: Bored Ape Yacht Club figures, with Superlative Secret Society forms, and Doodles colors. Their community is a little… insistent on Twitter. And Andy Milonakis snapped. “Positivity? You guys are relentlessly spamming the whole internet.”

 A Goat Soup holder called him out, saying that the Superlative Apes contributed to charity, but Andy was having none of it. “I’m not gonna sugar coat what I say, they are harassing everyone including me with hundreds of spam messages and that’s not even half of it.”

When he said, “and that’s not even half of it,” what was Andy referring to? You’ll know soon enough, but first, look how quickly everything escalated. 

The Superlative Apes And The Stolen Art

Well, apparently the Superlative Apes stole the idea, the style, and the swag from another artist. There was a YouTube video explaining the whole situation, but it’s been taken down. Andy, like the stand up guy he is, said, “I don’t like seeing people get stolen from and become helpless because it gets lost in the sea of social media and no one to really do anything about it. So Skylar Richard If you come out with your project still that Superlative Apes stole from you. I’ll support it fully.”

You already know this is not going to end well for Andy. Especially considering that he bought a piece from Skylar Richard, who said to him, “Thank you for the visibility!”

Six days later, Skylar turned his back and joined the Superlative Apes team. WHAT? “Why have I decided to do this? Well, this might sound cheesy, but through all this the SLAPES community have been huge supporters of mine. At one point I was getting upwards of 50 messages a day…” Skylar said later in the thread.

What did Andy say when he found out, though? Well…

But, this time, it was the Superlative Apes community that was having none of that. They demanded an apology, a retraction, a correction. What did Andy say? Well… “should I correct it by saying “They did steal from the original artist, I gave the original artist a platform, showed support, bought one of his NFTs then he joined the NFT series that stole his work” that’s accurate.”


Earning Gary Vee’s Attention

Andy Milonakis and Gary Vee are Internet friends, as shown in episode five of this very show. However, Milonakis still has to pitch. To try to get Vee’s attention, he quotes his most impressive stat and makes the same promises as in the video that started this episode. “We sold out our public in 9 minutes. This is going to be in constant development baby, no stagnant jpegs.”

Then, Andy justifies the play. “Haven’t dm’d anyone to bombard and shill people (other than my own timeline) but Gary was nice enough to take my call and hear my idea for an NFT project.” A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, king. Gary understands.

While we wait for Gary Vee to pick up the call, check out this Goat Soup collab art that a pixel artist made. According to Andy, “75-100 lucky Goat Soup holders will get a special animated goat airdropped to them.”

Also, check this Goat Soup fan art that is almost as good as the official collab. 

Will These Two Characters Appear Later On In This NFT Show?

This might not be NFT related at all. On the other hand, maybe this is the beginning of this show’s next big story. Here, Andy criticizes Ryder Ripps’ criticism of a black and white photograph:  

Pretty mild, huh? And he didn’t even tag the real guy, this is a screenshot of the real Twitter interaction. However, a few days later, the same Ryder Ripps will turn the NFT world upside down when he accused the Bored Ape Yacht Club of having Nazi and racist undertones and iconography. Wow. Boom!

On a milder and more positive note, the NFT community is slowly but surely giving Milonakis the respect he deserves. This pseudonymous collector says, “Im a firm believer in Andy Milonakis and Goat Soup as I have seen him enter the space, turn into a complete degenerate, and continue to be an active member of the NFT space.”

ETH price chart for 01/07/2021 on Bitfinex | Source: ETH/USD on

Enter Gary Vee, The Goat Soup Gang Salutes You

This time, Milonakis pulls out all the stops to get Gary Vee’s attention. He uses video and crass jokes , his magic formula.

This time, it doesn’t take long for Gary Vee to purchase a Goat. When he does, he says, “I’m a matzoball soup kind of guy.” Andy replies, “Thanks homie! You were one of the first people I told about my upcoming project, means a lot for you to support.”

Will the Gary Vee stimulus package work? Will his followers buy Andy’s NFT collection as well? Hours later, Milonakis is so happy that says, “I just sent you this rare teal laser eyes as a thank you, we had a few sweeps but this has been our biggest and most hype pump.”

The very next day, the Goat Soup collection was trending at Open Sea. 

Hours later, the #1 ranked Goat Soup sells for 19.69 ETH. As reported, Milonakis will get 3.5% of that and every transaction.  “Our biggest sale to date by far!,” says the mogul collector.

Such is the power of Gary Vee’s stimulus package. 

Featured Image: Andy Milonakis' close up from this video | Charts by TradingView

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